Eco30 Jumpstart: Toxic Overwhelm To Glamorously Green In 30 Days

✻ Look great. Feel better. Look younger. ✻ Without harmful chemicals.

Tired of wondering if you’re doing enough to prevent the long term health issues caused by the toxins in your products? Stop wondering and start doing.

Sign up for Eco30 Jumpstart: Toxic Overwhelm To Glamorously Green In 30 Days and take control of your beauty and skincare routine.


This morning—when you put on your mascara, popped in a tampon, lathered your body with sweet-smelling lotion, and sent your kids off to school after brushing their teeth—you didn’t think twice about the harmful toxins in your products, did you?

I’m guessing not. Even though I know in the back of your mind it’s a major concern for you.

Your health—and your children’s health—is your primary concern, correct?

You want to know how to limit the cancer-causing toxins that threaten your body and health. But you’re often so busy—or worse, so overwhelmed—that the ease and familiarity of conventional products is too convenient to disrupt.

But trust me, your health, and your family’s health, is worth it, because the cancer that’s hiding in those little tubes of lipstick and bottles of body wash will—unfortunately—catch up to you.

Make the switch to a cancer-free cabinet now.

Register for Eco30 Jumpstart: Toxic Overwhelm To Glamorously Green In 30 Days for a deep-dive into the world of clean beauty and skincare.

This is a 30 day program designed to help you reduce your body's toxic burden in simple but effective steps. Each week, we'll focus on a different topic that will help you reduce your risk of the long term adverse health affects of everyday products.

I will give a live training in a private Facebook group every Thursday. They will be live so you can interact and ask questions. You will also be given access to the recordings along with helpful PDFs full of information in your virtual Teachable classroom and they will be available in the group.

Together we will explore and learn, plus you’ll receive the following life-changing benefits:

✔️ Your risk of cancer, autoimmune disease, and various other illnesses will reduce significantly.

✔️ You’ll learn the best strategies to help yourself and your family ensure your bodies and environment are as healthy and non-toxic as possible.

✔️ You’ll understand what the words on the labels mean, and you’ll be able to read them with confidence.

✔️ Find out the truth about products you're using. Learn what really poses a threat and what's just hype.

You will also learn about the dozens of brands that I recommend. You'll receive a wide variety to choose from. These are companies that I have researched and vetted so you can be sure that they are safe and effective.

It’s about time you stopped dousing yourself and your kids with toxic chemicals in the name of beauty & hygiene.

And you can...

Beauty doesn't have to come with toxic chemicals. Ease the transition to a non-toxic beauty and personal care routine without the overwhelm.

What if you could finally feel empowered and confident in the decisions you make about your beauty and skincare products?

Going green and implementing habits that will minimize your body’s toxic burden doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

This is a step by step program to help you make simple changes. I will personally help you along the way and show you how easy it can be to live a non toxic lifestyle.

This workshop takes the overwhelm out of personal care for good.

Find out what truly poses a threat and which chemicals you really don't need to worry about.

Learn what's truly safe and healthy and what is just misleading marketing from Green washing companies.

You will have piece of mind that the products you and your kids are using are truly safe and effective.

**Enrollment is closed but sign up here & you'll be added to the wait list & you'll also receive a free organic beauty & wellness guide**

Health is not merely the absence of sickness. We must take a holistic approach and proactively create a healthy lifestyle.

This is not to scare. It is to inform and empower. Knowledge is power. This course gives you the knowledge to know exactly how to live a clean non toxic lifestyle.

Be your kid’s hero - set them up for a healthy future - they will learn from you and won’t have to be subjected to dealing with figuring it out.

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

Imagine waking up in the morning and starting your daily beauty routine without those nagging thoughts about safety and toxicity swirling around in your head. You feel good knowing that your cleanser, your conditioner—even your toothpaste—is enhancing your health and beauty, rather than laying the foundation for cancer in the future. Your son’s eczema has cleared up, because you learned which ingredients to avoid. And your daughter hasn’t needed her asthma inhaler in months, ever since switching to an organic face wash.

Do you know which beauty and skincare products are truly good for you vs. the companies that are just greenwashing their toxic products to line their pockets?

The truth is: Lot’s of women think they are well-informed, but they haven’t invested the time to truly learn about the toxic ingredients in the products they use everyday.

Eco30 Jumpstart: Toxic Overwhelm To Glamorously Green In 30 Days is a value-packed Program that teaches you how to detox your beauty and personal care routine and look younger while reducing your risk of illness caused by common toxins.

Finally, a fun, easy, and affordable way to learn how to detox your body without all the stress and uncertainty that comes with switching products.


Rave Reviews. Real Results.


I know it can be overwhelming. I’ve been there.

Do you wish an eco expert would just come into your home and give you a plan? That’s where I come in! Participating in this program is having virtual access to me, your own personal eco expert.

This Workshop takes away the overwhelm and gives you peace of mind knowing that products you and your kids use are safe.

You might be thinking, “This sounds great, I want a healthier beauty routine but what if something I absolutely cannot live without is toxic?!” That's okay. Make the changes you are ready to make.

I’m not militant about it and you don’t have to be either. Even small steps are a healthy improvement. Everyone is at a different point in their green journey. I’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

You will have lifetime access to the course so you can go at your own pace and make changes within your comfort zone.

Lifetime access also means that you will be privy to updates, new information, and green products as I continue discovering them though my ongoing research.

**Enrollment is closed but sign up here & you'll be added to the wait list & you'll also receive a free organic beauty & wellness guide**

Take a peek inside Eco30 Jumpstart:

Toxic Overwhelm to Glamorously Green In 30 Days:

Class Curriculum

  Lesson 1: Top Toxins To Avoid & Why
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 2: Beauty From The Inside Out
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 3 - Turn The Clock Back Naturally
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 4: Clean Living Alternatives And Safe Products
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Live Q & A Workshops
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Tools For Shopping Clean
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Tools For Avoiding Toxins
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Material
Available in days
days after you enroll


  • Useful handouts, and cheat sheets for each lesson, so you can make the most of this valuable information for long after the course is complete.
  • Pocket Guides to keep in your wallet to make shopping easier
  • Live Interaction With Kelly in the Private Facebook Group exclusively for students
  • Lifetime access to the program. The Facebook group will only be live for the duration of the 30 days but it will be archived so you'll still have access to it.
  • All lessons and material will be will be in your Teachable school and are yours to keep for reference.
  • You will also receive updates and new information as I continue discovering them though my ongoing research.


  • The Holy Grail: A comprehensive list of companies who make truly safe, clean, effective beauty, skin care and personal care products for women, children and men.
  • Masterclass with Holistic Health Coach Brian Coach: Exercise So You Can Detoxify Your World. Discover how exercise can help you to detoxify your body and your world! In this short presentation, you will discover why you should be “moving” on a regular basis, when to exercise hard and when to move gently, and 7 practical movements to help you to get moving to detox your world. Valued at $149
  • In addition to all of this, the VIP Package includes a discounted one-on-one coaching session with Kelly valued at $95

Registration is closed. Please visit kellybonanno.com

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in 2018


We offer a 10-day money back guarantee making Eco30 Jumpstart is a 100% Risk Free Investment.

I believe you will love this course and find it extremely beneficial and empowering. However, if you are truly unhappy after 10 days, we will grant a refund.

Still not ready to dive in 100%?

The beauty of this course is that you can take it at your own pace. If you’re not ready to make a complete overhaul, start replacing one product at a time. If you're not ready to implement all of the holistic wellness methods and habits that you'll learn, simply go at your own pace. Go slowly and make the changes you’re ready for. Even small steps are a healthy improvement, and I’m here with you every step of the way.


This course is for soul centered individuals craving more grace, ease, and peace in your life who know that mindset sets the tone and creates what you project to the world.

Eco30 Jumpstart is perfect for You if:

✔️ You want to keep your family safe from harmful toxins

✔️ You want to prevent the long term adverse health affects caused by toxins

✔️ You want to know how safe the products you currently use are and wonder if they cause cancer or other illnesses

✔️ You want to learn holistic wellness tips & methods

✔️ You want to learn anti-aging tips & methods that will help you look & feel younger

✔️ You are sick of being greenwashed

✔️ You want to go green with your beauty and skincare routine but find it overwhelming because there is so much conflicting information out there

✔️ You find it difficult to discover which products are really healthy as well as effective

✔️ You have faced health issues and want to reduce your body’s toxic burden

✔️ You want to learn which products & brands are truly safe and effective

✔️ you want to go into the holiday season detoxed with a jumpstart on healthier living

Eco30 Jumpstart teaches you that you don't have to give anything up going green with your beauty and personal care routine. There are clean alternatives for everything. It's not just for tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing, macrobiotic dieters.

You can go green and still be glamorous and sexy!

**Enrollment is closed but sign up here & you'll be added to the wait list & you'll also receive a free organic beauty & wellness guide**

Your Instructor

Kelly Bonanno
Kelly Bonanno

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I'm on a soul-centered mission to make the world a greener place by enlightening people about the risks toxic chemicals in our everyday products pose to our health and the environment, while teaching you healthy alternatives and showing you that organic beauty can be sexy!

I’ve been there…

Growing up in California, I was fairly health minded early on in life and was a recycling vegetarian way before it was en vogue. But I sort of consider myself the ‘accidental environmentalist’ Like most women, when I became a mom, keeping my kids healthy became my priority. When I was pregnant with my second son, who is now 11, I learned about the health risks that phthalates and BPA pose. I was shocked to find out they were in the sippy cups, spoons and plates my 3 year old was using! I was pissed off!

So, I did my research to find out how to keep my kids safe.

When I told people they shouldn’t microwave plastic or let their toddlers drink out of sippy cups that weren’t BPA free they looked at me like I was crazy. Now, ‘BPA free’ is mainstream and nearly everyone knows to avoid it.

But BPA is just one type of toxicity…

In 2011 I started a lifestyle blog that focused on health, green beauty and eco-friendly living. The more I wrote and researched, the more determined I became to make a difference and educate people about the beauty and personal care products they use daily.

All of this led me to create this life changing workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not on Facebook?
You won't be able to view each lesson live but you will have access to them and all workshop material via your Teachable account so you won't actually miss anything. If you want live access you could join Facebook and the group just for this month.
Can’t I learn all of this information for free on the internet?
You could spend years researching and piecing together information about the safest beauty and personal care products, which ingredients to avoid, and which ones will yield the best results. All the while continuing down a harmful and toxic path. Or you could learn from your own personal eco-living and beauty expert. I’m over 45 and have never had plastic surgery, botox, Juvederm, or any other fillers, but because of the organic products I use every day along with my healthy lifestyle habits, I’m told I look younger than I am. And best of all, I’ve already done all that work for you.
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access sound good? Upon enrolling, you will be given unlimited access for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. It certainly won't take a lifetime to complete the streamlined lessons; videos for each lesson are on average 45 minutes in length. Going on vacation? Planning a wedding? Have a big project deadline at work? No problem, you can resume the course at your convenience. You are in control; finish one lesson a week, once a month, all in one day, or once a year. Totally up to you. The material is yours to keep for reference. You have lifetime access for the lifetime of the product. In the unlikely event that I stop offering it, you will have plenty of time to download the contents first. Revisit it anytime, at your own pace, and make changes you’re comfortable with. Lifetime access also means that you will be privy to updates and new information and new green products as I continue discovering them though my ongoing research.
How does an online course work?
As soon as your payment is processed, within minutes you’ll receive a welcome email with your own personal login details. You can then log in to the course and access all the modules, cheat sheets, handouts, and other goodies. Since this is a self-study course, you’re welcome to go through the content at your own pace.
I already use organic products, why do I need this course?
Early on in my green living journey, before I dove into my research, I was greenwashed. It's likely that you have been too, and aren’t even aware of it. Greenwashing is when companies display insincere concern for our health and the environment misleading consumers into thinking their products are clean and safe when they are not. Greenwashing is prevalent in the industry. Why are they allowed to deceive us like that? Because there are no laws against manufacturers using words like 'natural', 'sustainable', 'green', 'earth friendly' when in reality they contain harmful chemicals. There is no regulation when it comes to personal care and beauty products. Many savvy women who already use organic products still benefit from this course because of how deep we dive into understanding what truly makes the ingredients in our products harmful or healthy. This knowledge and understanding empowers them to make confident decisions for their families and not just rely on the Certified Organic label. This course will empower you by providing you with the knowledge to never be greenwashed again.

This course is not open for enrollment.